The number of active addresses of XRP in the past 7 days has increased by 322%.


XRP, which was up slightly with the news of Binance Futures coming in early January, unfortunately failed to carry on. XRP, the third largest cryptocurrency by total market capitalisation, also failed to fully keep up with the rise achieved by Bitcoin (BTC) and its hard forks last week, disappointing its investors.

However, in the past week, both Ethereum (ETH) and XRP have reached very positive statistics. According to a study by Coinmetrics, ETH transfers were up 10.5% last week, while XRP transfers were up 20.7%. Ethereum's mining revenue also rose 15.7% on a 1-Week Average. The total amount of transfers transferred using Ethereum based on dollars also increased by 45.2% in 1 Week.

XRP active address Number record!

XRP's data shows that a new record has been set. The number of active addresses in the XRP network has increased by 322% in the span of 7 days. The image below shows that XRP has almost crushed all of its competitors. This interest in the XRP network can be attributed to a development that is expected to be announced soon

The end is nearing in a lawsuit filed against Ripple in which it argued that XRP should be declared securities. Although XRP investors were disappointed that the decision, which was expected on January 15, did not come out, there had recently been positive news from the ripple front.