Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange builds NFT platform

Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange builds NFT platform


Hong Kong-based HKD exchange has announced it will create an NFT platform.

Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange HKD has announced it will create a trading platform for non-fungible tokens. With this step, HKD registered as the first cryptocurrency exchange in Hong Kong to offer an NFT platform.

HKD introduces its new platform

As the cryptocurrency industry rages on the world agenda, the HKD exchange has made a new move. The NFT platform, which will be the first in Hong Kong, has excited Hong Kong collectors. HKD exchange named the new platform “HDK.com NFT platform " announced as. However, artists will have the opportunity to sell and promote digital art works, animations, music and movie content in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

The Platform allows investors to trade in cryptocurrencies and artists to promote their works digitally. HKD exchange, which operates in Hong Kong, offers trading services for cryptocurrencies with multiple fiat currencies. With this move, HKD aims to offer many services, such as digital NFT store and display services, from one point.

CEO Kelvin Yeung makes remarks

Kelvin Yeung, founder and CEO of HKD cryptocurrency exchange, said that they saw the shortcomings in the NFT field in Hong Kong and decided to create a platform. However, the NFT platform reported that work is continuing and many more innovations are on the way. "As HKD, we have created this platform to help local artists add value to their talent and support the art world.”

NFTs are a new form of digital assets that appeal to collectors, including digital design, music, video, and many media. While NFTS can be used in a wide range of applications, the art world has become one of the most sought-after environments in this field.

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