CryptoPunk NFT Is In A Traditional Auction House For The First Time In The World!

CryptoPunk NFT Is In A Traditional Auction House For The First Time In The World!


British auction house Christie's Christie's will put its nine CryptoPunk collections up for sale next month in what is thought to be the first unique token (NFT) project to be launched on the Ethereum blockchain.

The auction house will hold its 21st annual event in New York on May 13, according to a statement from the auction house's website yesterday. A sample of the popular NFT project will be auctioned off at the century evening discount. In relation to the collection, the statement used the following statements:

"Three years ago, two software developers created an interesting art project called CryptoPunks that raised a serious and provocative question:' Can a few lines of code translate into a meaningful sense of ownership?'It was a crazy idea that, in his own words, required a 'conceptual leap'. Three years later, this project is rightly seen as the beginning of today's CryptoArt movement."

"CryptoPunks are the Alpha and omega of the CyptoArt movement," said Noah Davis, an expert in postwar and contemporary art at Christie's in New York, who said it was a historic sale." said. At the end of February, British auction house Christie's hosted the collection of Graphic Designer Mike Winkelmann, known as Beeple, which was created in 5 thousand days and sold for $ 69 million over 14 years.

About CryptoPunks

In 2017, Matt Hall and John Watkinson, founders of New York-based software company Larva Labs, created a software program that would produce thousands of different, bizarre-looking characters. CryptoPunks is a collection of 24x24, 8-bit style pixel art images of mismatches. There are exactly 10 thousand punks, each with its own visible personality and unique combination of different, randomly generated features. Proof of ownership for each character is recorded in a contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Each of the unique characters has different features, accessories and features. It is also considered that some CryptoPunks are rarer than others.

What are unique tokens (NFT)?

Unique tokens (NFT),often referred to as crypto collectibles, are unique and limited in number, unlike cryptocurrencies, where all tokens are created equivalent to each other. NFTs are one of the key building blocks of a new, blockchain-powered digital economy. Various projects work with NFTS for various uses, such as gaming, digital identity, licensing, certificates and Fine Arts. Moreover, with NFTS, even partial ownership of high-value products can become possible.

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