"Luxury fashion brands prepare to launch NFT"

"Luxury fashion brands prepare to launch NFT"


Gucci and several other luxury fashion brands are preparing to release unique token (NFT). Gucci has confirmed to a news organization that it will release an NFT very soon, Vogue Business reported.

Other luxury fashion brands are also close to launching NFT, sources close to the matter said.

Natalie Johnson, Chief Executive of fashion platform Neuno, which is currently working with five luxury fashion houses for an NFT launch, told Vogue Business:

"We want to be a universal 3-D wardrobe that is compatible with everything. For example, imagine someone buying an iconic J Lo Versace dress from our site."

Customers can buy NFT with a credit card, Johnson said, so they can meet their customers ' cryptocurrency needs.

According to information on neuno's website, the platform was built on the flow blockchain of Dapper Labs.

NFTS, which are digital certificates or tokens representing unique collectible products, have recently become very popular after an artist named ‘Beeple’ sold an NFT piece for $ 70 million.

Dappradar.com according to the, more than $ 300 million worth of NFT trade has been made in the past 30 days. NBA Top Shot, CryptoPunks and Rarible were the best NFT collections.

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