Apple and Tesla to work together on renewable energy

Apple and Tesla to work together on renewable energy


Apple, in a statement shared via its official site, announced that it will build a new solar farm in California. Apple is building a farm capable of storing up to 240 megawatts of energy per hour, according to the announcement. With this development, the company is taking another step towards 100% renewable energy. After the farm is activated, the release of 15 million tons of dangerous gas per year will be prevented. This appears to be an extremely important development for the future of renewable energy and the world. However, Apple is not alone in this project. Apple and Tesla will work together to meet renewable energy targets, The Verge reported.

This, which Apple did not include in its press release, will show itself in the batteries of the solar farm. In addition, according to reports, the farm will use 85 of Tesla's lithium-ion battery packs called Megapack. In addition, the energy generated by these batteries will also be used in Apple Park.

Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice president of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, says the company wants to prevent carbon use from suppliers it works with. By 2030, it will help supplier companies become carbon neutral, he said. In addition, Jackson says that different countries and industries around the world, such as Germany, France, China and India, are also excited to join them.

In July 2020, Apple announced its goal of becoming a fully carbon-neutral company in all areas from production to operation by 2030. The company says it has greatly increased its renewable energy work and partners for this goal.

Apple's Carbon Footprint Reduced By 40 %

Apple notes that this battery farm, called California Flats, can meet the energy of more than 7,000 homes a day. Such a large energy center is considered very useful for our future.

The company's efforts to reduce its renewable energy and carbon footprint have seen net revenues rise. Apple is moving closer to its 2030 targets step by step with a 40% reduced carbon footprint. In addition, the company notes that it has also prevented the emission of more than 15 million tons of gas.

When Apple and Tesla work together on renewable energy, β€œis there a partnership in other areas?"the question comes to mind. However, since there is no explanation from either company about the use of Tesla's batteries, this question seems to go beyond our curiosity. Still, many users cherish the dream of seeing a system like the Apple Car Play in Tesla vehicles.

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