How many BTC do you need to pay to buy Tesla in exchange for Bitcoin?

With Bitcoin, it becomes possible to buy Tesla.


Lamborghinis have been described as the traditional status symbol for bitcoin (BTC) millionaires. But after the latest development, the crypto-money rich can now start turning to Tesla cars.

Tesla exchange with BTC

Tesla reported to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday that it had bought $ 1.5 billion worth of Bitcoins. But at this point, an important detail was also mentioned: Tesla not only invested a large amount of BTC, but now Tesla products can be purchased with Bitcoin.

Although there is still time for this transaction, the Model S, Tesla's leading car, will be available for 3.30 BTC with a value of about $ 47 million today. Tesla wants a $ 1,000 prepayment first so the Model S can be bought. That's only 0.025 BTC at the moment. So Bitcoin millionaires can buy convenience Model S.

In addition, Tesla is charging $ 37,990 for a lower model, the Model 3. This does not even correspond to 1 BTC with current prices. The Model Y, a top segment of the Model 3, is offered to buyers for $ 59,990, which means a price below 1.5 BTC on a BTC basis.

Tesla's BTC move

After Tesla announced its purchase of Bitcoin yesterday, the price of Bitcoin suddenly increased and set a new record with $ 47,500. But it seems that the BTC price is still on the rise and is moving towards $ 50,000.

Tesla owner Elon Musk recently ignited the fuse of a similar rise by simply typing “Bitcoin” into his Twitter bio, and within minutes there had been a $ 6,000 rise.

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