Alexa-Based Assistants Coming: Amazon Opens Up Alexa's Core Technology To Third-Party Companies

Alexa-Based Assistants Coming: Amazon Opens Up Alexa's Core Technology To Third-Party Companies


Amazon announced today that it is opening up its artificial intelligence assistant Alexa's core technology to third-party companies. In this way, companies will be able to customize a ready-made technology, freeing them from the burden of developing an assistant from scratch.

Amazon's successful artificial intelligence assistant, Alexa, is now in the home of many users. But today, the company announced an important decision and announced that it is opening the Alexa digital assistant to third-party companies. Amazon's announcement will lead companies other than Amazon to privatize Alexa.

Amazon's artificial intelligence assistant, Alexa, could be used by many consumer electronics-making companies. Amazon, which does not license the core of artificial intelligence technology unlike companies that develop other assistants, named its assistant Alexa Custom Assistant.

Alexa-based AI assistants coming:

Alexa Custom Assistant will focus on the car market in the first place. In this way, Amazon will include its own software directly in the cars that will be released. Companies will be able to assign custom commands, words, sounds and abilities to Amazon's assistant. So Alexa will be the core of assistants that companies will develop.

Amazon made a statement about the issue in a blog post it shared. Creating a smart assistant is complex, time-consuming and costly, the company said, noting that the speed of innovation and change is accelerating, assistants are always developing and coming smarter, which requires significant and continuous investments.

According to the company's article, Alexa Custom Assistant also came into play at this point. According to the post, Alexa Custom Assistant will allow companies to build their own smart assistants without the need for investment, long development cycles and resources to build from scratch and maintain them over time. This is a win-win situation will be.

Car giant Fiat Chrysler was the first company to agree to develop an Alexa-based artificial intelligence assistant. The company had previously made some attempts to merge technologies with Amazon. It is not yet known whether Amazon is charging companies for licensing artificial intelligence technology.

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