The Great Reset

(Reset Great)


You know the World Economic Forum, which meets every year in Davos, Switzerland. Leading businessmen, economists and politicians of the world gather in this town and discuss economic and political issues that concern the General world.

Every year, it becomes the main topic of meetings that year.

The topic of the series of these meetings, which will be held in 2021, is very interesting: Great Reset, that is, a Great Reset. You know the reset button on computers or similar electronic devices. When you press it, it turns the device off and back on, or restores the settings you changed to the original factory settings.

There will be talk of a major reset to Earth next year in Davos. What is reset on the entire planet, how is it done, what issues will it be? We don't know that at the moment. There have been no interviews yet, and their contents have not been published. But it seems that huge changes are being planned, and they will cover the entire world.

We have already begun to experience some of the major changes that are expected to happen. In these columns, we have always mentioned them in the articles we have been writing for a long time.

Cryptocurrencies, cashless societies, the transformation of nation states into supranational structures are the most obvious of them. Add to all this the digital life that comes into our lives with the virus epidemic that we are experiencing, the fact that many jobs, from education to shopping, are done over the internet, and so on.

The immune passport, the insertion of chips into people, and the transfer of travel permits to a central medical institution are developments that have yet to be discussed, but appear to be coming soon. Imagine that people are given an immunity passport by a global central authority and cannot travel without it. That passport will be much more important than the passport that countries give to their citizens. Or imagine that people who have not had certain vaccinations have their freedom to travel suspended.

The concept of overtime is moving from offices to homes, and this is becoming permanent. Traditional habits such as handshaking, hugging are being abandoned. More and more work is done with computers or machines, and the need for people is decreasing…

We can't help but think, are these developments, which today are just a temporary measure or just a claim, going to be an immutable part of our lives in the future? Now there is a crisis on Earth, and it is important to remember that every crisis is also an opportunity. And it seems that some want to use this crisis as a reset, a reset opportunity.

It would be easy for us to call all this a restoration or a new version of capitalism. This, as the title of Davos shows us, means a reset of the socio-economic order on earth, a change of all its settings.

We've been through a lot of things that we never expected to happen. At the moment, what we wrote above may seem like a dream to us. But these issues are now knocking on our door. Remember that the frog jumps when thrown into boiling water, but cannot react to the slow boiling of warm water. It's as if humanity is getting used to this new normal or the big reset.

We should not look at this wind of change only through economic glasses. Who would have believed that the statues of Christopher Columbus would be destroyed in the United States, that European countries would have closed their borders to each other-not much, but six months ago?

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